The best way to save costs on lead management

February 10, 2020Entertainment

The best way to save costs on lead management

An approximate of 25% of leads for real estate in the Asian sub-continent are purchase ready. Another 25% cannot be pursued further for several reasons. This leaves a whopping 50% market open to conversions if the right approach is taken. So ‘making it’ is really up to you and your sales team.

Scalable Solutions are here with the most effective tool to manage leads and create a system where there was none – LeadPluss. Make it easier for your team to remember following up with leads, share important information, retrieve saved work in one member’s absence and you can track performances using the management reports. Bring the focus back to lead conversion with LeadPluss.

How can LeadPluss help you in saving costs?

Almost no training time – Your staff need not be away training on a complicated application. The system can be understood within a few hours and kick-started within a day.

Available on mobile devices too – A staff member or management can access LeadPluss on any device. This enables quicker log in and a faster work queue management.

System upgradations not required – As mentioned above, the system can be kick-started in a day. This is also because there are no system upgradations required for you to start working on LeadPluss. A computer device and a sound internet connection are enough.

Cloud-based storage – All your data is stored securely on Cloud. This makes retrieving it easier and should you ever wish to close your account, you can take all your data with you without any hassles.

Monthly subscription model – LeadPluss allows you to buy a monthly subscription to the software meaning there will be no bulk payment or blocking of funds.

Access to be able to create a microsite – LeadPluss offers access to create a microsite, so you save the money which would otherwise be invested in creating a website or at least a page for every project that you are currently running.

Create a work queue – Reduce downtime by the sales staff by creating a work queue for them.

Make better business decisions – LeadPluss enables you to make better sales and marketing decisions with its uniform work queues, a reminder system, and workforce management for the sales staff.

LeadPluss is the ultimate solution which caters to all your lead management requirements and makes life easier for you, your staff and helps your customers take a positive decision, quicker. Get in touch with the LeadPluss team to start off today.Posted in: EntertainmentSupportUncategorizedUsability

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