Why invest in your own project site when you can have this?

The real estate industry has a cutthroat competitive environment and about a ton of laws to follow and paperwork to submit. Within all of this comes the chaos in the most important function of the organization, that is, sales conversions. LeadPluss is a SAAS based model which helps the specific section of real estate sales, giving enough space to the builders and developers to be able to perform better.

Within better performance, there is saving on costs, optimizing on revenue, setting and making processes simpler. LeadPluss handles all of these for you. Let’s discuss a feature that is unique to the LeadPluss clientele – a microsite.

A microsite is website substitute that can help you present your real estate projects in a similar manner like when you have your own website. Even those builders that can afford to pay for making and maintaining a website for each one of their projects should pay attention here because this can save you a big bucket of money.

A microsite is a space on the world-wide-web which can be used to provide elaborate details about a project including blueprints, 3D models of the project, on-going offers and cost estimates. You can use it just like a regular website but without the added drainage from your resources.

Why is a microsite better?
You only need it until the project duration – The site will be used until your project work is done and can be disposed after it is sold out.
Does everything that a regular site does including providing your address and contact details for leads to make inquiries.
A fraction of the cost – A microsite costs only a fraction of the time and effort you will need to put into creating a website for every project.
Unique link – A unique link to your page is provided which can be shared with anyone having an active internet on their device to be able to view.
Can be created quite easily – You need not have a digital team for working on a microsite and maintaining it in the long run. The sales personnel can be taught how to update the site too.
Restricted admin access – Just like an actual website, you will have the administrative rights to this website in order to add, delete and amend the information.

How to build a microsite?
Now that you know that a microsite will help you save oodles of money, the logical question is how you can get one for your current projects. It’s simple! You can create a microsite with the subscription you pay to use the LeadPluss system for smooth and effective lead management.
The LeadPluss team will guide you into the usage of a microsite and make the process of lead conversions even simpler for you. So along with tagging all your potential customer information and creating an appropriate work queue for your sales team, LeadPluss is also your one-stop-shop to reduce marketing and sales cost. Get a microsite for your real estate sales today.