How can team coordination increase real estate sales?

"Without sales, nothing matters" – Mark Cuban.

As a leading real estate company, you know that lead management is a part of marketing and sales, both. It is a crucial aspect of succeeding in this tough and competitive business because lead conversion is the only source of revenue whereas expenses run high in all other areas. You could have one project running or 20 all at one go, lead management is going to make the most of it.
A mid-size real estate company has 4 to 5 personnel taking care of cold calls, sales pitch and providing customers with the required details so as to ensure that they are tempted to visit the site. This process is tiresome and can be a long one too. Especially knowing that your potential customers might be getting better treated elsewhere and may just choose to but from another builder and promoter.
A well-coordinated team would ensure that a lead is converted using the following strategies:
Customer information – It is important to note the right kind of customer information to be able to pitch the right property to them. But most sales team members already have this perfectly sorted. What needs helps is the sharing of this information within team members.
Regular follow-ups – You lose maximum business when your sales staff either forgets to follow-up on a lead or does not keep the trail warm. Again, this is not for the lack of training but the lack of teamwork. Team members who are not around for any reason should be able to share their leads with the rest so that no follow-up call or meeting is missed.
Systems – Details like customization requests, specific requirements and timing for follow-up is not easy to share within sales team members without having a set system to work out of.
Performance checks – Last but not the least, you do not know of where a team member stands without having a performance check mechanism. The only way to improve the sales operations is by providing constructive feedback time and again.