The most effective way to calculate your ROI on managing leads

To calculate the ROI on managing leads you need to account for the expenses on the process and compare it against the conversion rate. This allows you to refine and redefine the lead management process to allow maximum conversions at a minimum cost.

Let’s look at the costs then:
Employee salaries
Marketing strategies to create leads
Costs incurred to nurture leads
Lead management software

While there may not be much that you may be able to do about the first 3, but the last one can definitely be optimized to give you fantastic results at a great price. LeadPluss is the software of choice for real estate sales teams. It is easy to integrate into the existing system and, in fact, creates a better working space for the lead management operations. A pay-as-you-go model allows you to buy the services on a subscription basis so it does not take a large part of your capital as an investment.

It helps you track the source where the lead has been generated and distribute the lead management work among your staff members. This has a threefold effect:

a. There is immediate action on the lead. It is proven that leads that are responded to within the first 24 hours of inquiry are more likely to convert to sales
b. Tracking the source will allow you to make better marketing for future lead generation and effectively save costs by optimizing your sources
c. The work creates a structure for your staff wherein you can monitor the exact number of leads worked upon, converted and track the employee’s performance too

Further, you can use it to ensure maximum lead conversions and track each and every lead that you have acquired. This can set the process of tracking the conversion rate and creating sales targets too. With a more focused approach and improving sales targets, you are sure to get the maximum return on investment.

What is the training time to use the system?

The system has been based on feedback from real estate sales agents and is very easy to operate. It can be trained to a new hire in under a day whereas an experienced sales staff might get a hang of it within a few hours. What if you would like to withdraw the services?

LeadPluss is SAAS based and uses Cloud to store your information. When you decide to withdraw, you can take all of your information and cease to use the system. There are no hidden charges for data recovery or any extended payments to leave. But then again, you’d never want to stop using this complete system for lead management anyway!
Understanding your investment and calculating the return becomes easier using the management reports from the software. It makes you aware of the exact time and input required by the sales staff to convert a lead into a sale. So why wait? So get in touch with the LeadPluss team and let’s get you started today.Posted